Web Newsletter Templates

Where to Download Web Newsletter Templates?

web newsletter templates

Email or web newsletter templates would be one of the most important things if you are running an online business. A newsletter would let your subscribers know anything about your company. However, if it is not easy for you to make a template for newsletter, you can try some websites.

In this article, we will show you some websites where you can download business newsletter templates. Another interesting information that the templates are free.

#1 Pook by Litmus

The first website on our list is Pook by Litmus. Litmus offers a wide arrange template collection for free. The website provides newsletter templates up to account management templates. The Pook is a name for a theme that features a sleek and modern look with a splash of fun.

#2 Sonata by Web Canopy Studio

If you visit the HubSpot, you will see that Web Canopy Studio has made an email template suitable for your business. The template is available for both free and paid accounts. The template would suit you if you like a clean look without losing the aesthetic aspect. Also, you will find editable newsletter templates for free.

#3 ZURB Ink

Another place to look for email newsletter templates is ZURB Studios. The site has five email templates you can download for free. The layout is fluid and customizable. All five templates are the business & services Responsive Newsletter Template so you can see how it will appear on the subscribers’ inbox.

#4 Wire by HubSpot

HubSpot also designs some email newsletter templates. The Wire theme is one of the free ones. So, if you are looking for a free template for your website to promote your products and service, you should take a look at this website. It features a thin typeface with a dark background. The whole look would make an interesting appearance for your new campaign.

#5 99designs

You will find a bunch of free templates for anything you need for your business. 99designs, on the other hand, is an online community that has been growing for years now. The content is a result of collaborations of small businesses and designers.

There are 45 free email templates you can download. Whether you are looking for a template for promotional messages, newsletters, and anything related to your business, you will most likely find it on this site. Other than that, a few of them offer a newsletter HTML template as well.

Last not but least you can buy cheap web newsletter template here!